This information is from 2017.

2018 information will be available at the beginning of March! 

DirtDaze offers a wide array of (plated) adventure bike rides through New York’s Adirondack Park and Vermont’s Green Mountains. All will take you on an adventure of dirt roads, some necessary paved roads, and the occasional optional hero sections.

All sizes of bikes are welcomed, but generally, DirtDaze is geared for 650+ sized bikes. Most rides could be ridden 2-up, based on rider skill.

There are many rides available:

4 Guided Rides with great lunch. They are an additional cost but are included in several packages.

    • Adirondack Adv Ride Avail.:   Wed.   Thu   Fri   Sat 
    • Green Mountain Ride Avail.:               Thu   Fri          
    • Lake George Lap Avail.:           Wed    Thu    Fri   Sat
    • Waterfalls and Whoops:                      Thu    Fri
    • Red = Sold Out

Many Self Guided (Route Sheets or GPX file provided).


The 6 self-guided rides run every day, Wednesday through Saturday, and range from 1/2 day to full day rides, and on challenging 60% dirt/40% pavement to fun 40% dirt/60% pavement. They’ll take you throughout the deepest parts of the Adirondacks and some gnarlyish parts of Vermont. We’ll give you a roll sheet, and GPX files.


We’ve saved some of the most delicious routes for the Guided Rides. These 4 rides take you to some of the best riding in the region and include a lunch at fun remote lunch stops. These rides can be ridden on your own, or with one of our guides, and include stops at some little-known scenic &/or fascinating spots. These rides have limited quantities and will likely sell out:

1. ADIRONDACK ADVENTURE GUIDED RIDE: This full day ride with lunch (formerly known as Into the Darkness) takes you on a largely-new route into the Adirondacks, along thickly forested dirt roads, winding around mountain lakes, to remote destinations deep in the park.  The route snakes along mountainside roads with some great views. There are some optional challenging sections, with bypasses for less-experienced riders.

The lunch stop, this year on the long screened porch of a classic mountainside Adirondack lodge overlooking a secluded lake, will knock you out!  You’ll enjoy their delicious fare and homemade bread – perfect for adventure motorcyclists.

Duration: All Day. Approx 150 miles. 6 hours seat time. Max 70 miles between fuel stops. (All guides equipped with siphoning tools)

Skill Level: All skill levels.  Good mix of mostly firm dirt and back roads pavement.  About 50% seat time on dirt.  It was laid out with 50/50 tires and an experienced rider on an appropriate bike could bring a passenger.  Knobbies not required.

2. GREEN MOUNTAIN GUIDED RIDE:  This full day ride with lunch will challenge riders as we explore some of the most beautiful and remote trails and ancient roads in Vermont. It’s best suited for intermediate+ riders. Some technical sections are avoidable, but some are not. Be prepared for tricky ascents and off-camber turns on rocky, muddy terrain. There are some necessary stretches of pavement (through scenic areas). Our lunch destination will be a unique motorcycle museum housing the largest collection of Hodaka Motorcycles in the World. Maybe you remember the Dirt Squirt or the Road Toad? They are all there! Lunch will consist of fresh, locally sourced salads, pasta, and award winning sausages from Vermont. This will be a true Adventure!MotoVermont_logo_large

This tour is put together by our friends at MotoVermont (who also offer a great adventure bike rental fleet).

Duration: All Day. Approx 160 miles. 6 hours seat time. Max 80 miles between fuel stops. (All guides equipped with siphoning tools)

Skill Level: Intermediate – Advanced Skill Level, Excellent, challenging dirt sections, in between some necessary pavement. Alternate (easier) options are available, but the final challenging ascent to the restaurant is unavoidable. Knobbies required.

3. LAKE GEORGE LAP GUIDED RIDE: UPDATED – This full day ride with lunch is why true adventure bikes were created. We love this NY/VT ride, because it’s a great(!) ride on just about every type of surface possible.  It’s really fun.  You’ll ride deep into the rolling, beautiful and sometimes (optional) challenging dirt roads of Vermont.  You’ll ride among densely forested “roads” in the Adirondacks.  There are overlooks of the lake, ferry crossings, the whole nine yards.  And, we just added several miles of really good, private trail riding.  The hero sections all have good optional routes around them, so all skill levels are welcome. Bring a camera and an appetite for all types of roads.

Duration: All Day. Approx 175 miles. 5.5 hours seat time. Max 70 miles between fuel stops. (All guides equipped with siphoning tools)

Skill Level: All skill levels. Fun Dirt, Beautiful Pavement, Optional Hero Sections. Knobbies not required, but foul weather can affect this…

4. WATERFALLS AND WHOOPS GUIDED RIDE: This ride with lunch is our shortest guided ride, and is perfect for nearly everyone.  During the ride, you’ll enjoy rugged dirt roads, a trail or two, and a stop a beautiful waterfall.  You’ll hit the road where we’ll take you up and over a mountain on a very steep, paved climb with incredible views, then on to long stretches of rugged dirt roads with a scenic stop at the falls. Stretch your legs, and then you’ll be off for more rugged dirt roads with just a touch of private trail system thrown in.

Duration: 2/3 of a day. Approx 95 miles. 3 hours seat time. Max 70 miles between fuel stops. (All guides equipped with siphoning tools)

Skill Level: All skill levels.  Fun Dirt, Beautiful Pavement, Short Easy Trail. All skill levels Knobbies not required, but foul weather can affect this…

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The Nuts and Bolts

    • Route sheets will be available to all registered attendees. They’ll be waiting for you in your registration packet when you arrive.
    • The routes range from 60 to 200(!) mile loops on a mix of dirt and paved rides.
    • The route specs, difficulty, and alternative routes will be clearly noted on the route maps.
    • Routes will be offered for all skill levels.
    • The routes are best suited for plated mid-sized (650cc+) or larger bikes.
    • For those of you less comfortable on gnarly dirt roads or trails, we’ve got alternative routes you can take, bringing you to the same destination. These easier routes should be fine for street biased tires, though as always it’s your call on any road presented to you.
    • Gas stops will be noted on the route sheets and Guided Rides will include a gas stop or two.
    • Breakdowns are a bummer and ultimately the rider’s responsibility. That said, there will be a truck and trailer on call if someone’s ride needs to be picked up.
    • Most Unguided Riders and all Guided Rides will depart from the DirtDaze HQ (at the red barn).
    • Going on an Unguided ride and don’t have a riding partner?  No problem.  Go to the unguided ride meeting place (next to the red barn) at 8 am and you’ll likely be able to find someone who’s in the same boat.
    • Local ADV Bike Shops:
      Sportline – Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki (Queensbury, NY): (518) 792-4655
      Heid’s Hodaka & BMW (Johnsburg, NY): (518) 251-2110