We are very excited to bring one of the BEST riding schools in the U.S. to DirtDaze! Dragoo Adventure Rider Training!

Classes will be offered on our onsite training grounds. D.A.R.T.’s chief trainers are particularly adept at communicating the essential elements of riding in a calm, encouraging manner to all skill levels of rider. This is an excellent opportunity for riders to combine the fun of DirtDaze with top-level instruction. What’s not to love!

” Amazing clear instruction. I feel much more confident on my bike!!”

” Friendly and approachable, right level of challenge… never felt like I was in danger but definitely pushed further with each exercise, learned a TON and I feel 1000% more comfortable on my bike now”

[This gives you an opportunity to receive personalized training from the best in the business, at a very reasonable price.]

Introductory Adv Bike Training (2 hrs): Wed AM    Thu AM     Fri AM   Sat AM
Intermediate Adv Bike Training (4 hrs): Wed PM    Thu PM**  Fri PM   Sat PM
**Water Crossings:                                                        Thu PM**

Limited Availability: You can choose from a 2-hour introductory class(9am – 11am) or a more comprehensive 4-hour class(1pm – 5pm) with the max class size capped at only 12 people.

**Thursday’s afternoon Intermediate class will include a special Water Crossings lesson. This WILL include on-bike, in water training, so get ready to become a water crossing hero!

Pre-Registration is now closed. You can still Post-Register on-site at the Painted Pony Ranch at during the below days/times. 

Tuesday, June 5th from 4:00pm – 8:00pm, Wednesday, June 6th – Friday, June 8th from 7:15am to 7:00pm and on Saturday, June 9th from 7:15am – 1:00pm.

*You must have a valid DirtDaze wristband to participate in D.A.R.T Traing

D.A.R.T. will sharpen the riding ability of every adventure or dual-purpose rider, regardless of skill level. Their drills and demonstrations are custom tailored for learning on all types of bikes but targets this class for riders intending to ride the large displacement adventure bikes. Each drill has an infinite level of difficulty, from mild to wild, and will help lift the rider’s skill level from the first demonstration.

The bulk of the class will take place within our special teaching corrals onsite.

D.A.R.T. is a famed Oklahoma riding school, training adventure bike riders across the continent. Their reputation is superb and their expert trainers will improve your riding, using a friendly, encouraging and effective approach with all students, regardless of their riding ability.