Dirt School

DirtDAZE and KTM are bringing Nevada’s famous Jimmy Lewis Off-Road Riding School to the east coast!  Jimmy is an off-road riding legend and operates the best adventure bike riding school in the U.S.  Jimmy’s school teaches safe motorcycle riding skills to riders of ALL abilities on all types of bikes.

Additionally, our guest speakers will make you a better adventure bike rider in their 50 min sessions (conveniently located next to the saloon…).

DirtDaze: Giving you The Best rider training in the U.S.

Jimmy Lewis Off-Road Riding School:  We have arranged for a special shorter duration, less expensive, courses at DirtDaze, making it easier than ever to be a Jimmy Lewis student.   You can choose from a 2-hour introductory class ($95), or a more comprehensive 4-hour class ($180), with the max class size, capped at 15 people.  (To compare, his two-day classes are normally $600.)

This gives you an opportunity to receive personalized coaching from  Jimmy Lewis, at a very reasonable price.

His class offers something every off-road or dual-purpose rider, regardless of skill level, can take and sharpen their riding ability. His drills and demonstrations are custom tailored for learning on all types of bikes but targets this class for riders intending to ride the large displacement adventure bikes. Each drill has an infinite level of difficulty, from mild to wild, and will help lift the rider’s skill level from the first demonstration.

The bulk of the class will take place within our special teaching corrals onsite.

Jimmy Lewis is an American legend within the off-road racing community, winning 4 Gold Medals at the International Six Day Enduro, winning the Baja 1000 and the Dubai Rally, and double class winner at the world famous Dakar Rally.  Not bad, not bad…

Want to sign up for his class?  It’s easy.  

  1. Click Here to begin the signup process.  
  2. As you go through the signup process, you’ll be offered Jimmy’s classes.
  3. Choose the level of difficulty and your preferred day.
  4. Finish the sign-up process, and get ready!

Did you already sign up for DirtDaze, but want to add Jimmy’s class?  No problem.  Call or email us:  info@dirtdazerally.com  or   518.798.0858