Guest Speakers & Seminars

We’ve got some great guest speakers who will teach you, entertain you and make you better riders – all week long.

David Fox, DirtDaze Guide  

Hwy 389

The 775-mile Trans-Labrador Highway (“TLH”) is a fabled dirt and gravel route spanning Canada’s wild Labrador region. It’s one of the most famous routes in our part of the world, and David will share with you his experience riding it last year.

Listen, and plan your TLH trip soon, before the rugged TLH becomes a thing of the past.

Wednesday 5:00PM



Come to the northeast U.S. and learn how to ride the dunes of North Africa?  We have an arena filled with soft, clean sand where our trainers will teach you the basics of how to ride sand, including proper foot peg weighting, steering inputs and where to look.RidingSchool

Following the clinic, we’ll have a fun challenge:  If you can ride our special sand course without putting your foot down and you might win some sweet gear.

Thursday 5:00PM

Christian Dutcher, DirtDaze Director  Sani_Pass_heading_into_Lesotho

South Africa? Really? Yes!! It’s absolute riding heaven, it’s easy to do, and it’s not expensive. On a whim, Christian found himself in South Africa aboard a KTM in conditions that rivaled Patagonia’s fabled off road terrain.

You’ll hear about unexpectedly riding among riders training for the Dakar, avoiding lightning snow storms in the mountain tops of the Kingdom of Lesotho, and what detergent works best for monkey pee.


It’s a funny tale that may inspire you to do what Christian did – It’s easy to do.

Christian is the Director of DirtDaze, and likes to get himself into trouble on two wheels.

Thursday 7:00PM

Honda Factory Repslogomotorhonda

The Honda Factory Reps are coming to DirtDaze with most of their adventure bike line up, including POSSIBLY the brand spanking new Africa Twin Adventure Sports! This will be a fun and rare opportunity to talk directly with the Honda Factory about their lineup.

Want to ride them? The whole demo fleet is available all to all registered DirtDaze attendees, just down the road.

Thursday 7:30PM


ADVMoto Magazine Movie Night!  On Thursday night at 7:30pm, on a huge screen, ADVMoto Magazine will present Back Country Discovery Route’s (BDR) latest film featuring the East Coast! The “Mid Atlantic Back Road Discovery” (MABDR) film features 1080 miles of dirt, gravel and paved adventure bike routes from southern Virginia to northern Pennsylvania. Kick back, have a drink and enjoy the movie, thanks to ADVMoto!

Backcountry Discovery Routes is a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization whose mission is to establish and preserve off-highway routes for dual-sport and adventure motorcycles. Through education, advocacy, and promotion of responsible motorcycle travel, BDR seeks to preserve backcountry motorcycling opportunities for generations to come. Come to the Movie Night at Dirt Daze and find out more!

Thursday 7:30PM

Eric Milano (Owner of MotoVermont) & Michael Leyden (Wilderness Medicine Expert and Instructor)


We all love Adventure riding, but what happens when something goes wrong? This seminar goes over a few techniques to know and simple items to carry along on your bike that could possibly save your life or someone you are riding with.

Eric owns the adventure touring company, MotoVermont. He travels extensively by motorcycle and is certified in Wilderness First Aid.  Mike is a Paramedic with extensive training and experience in wilderness medicine, search and rescue and emergency management.  He also enjoys adventure riding around Vermont.

Friday 8:00PM

Spencer Peterson, Tour Guide for MotoVermont
Trail-side tire RepairMotovermont

Pinched and punctured inner tubes are a common occurrence when riding off-road. With the proper tools and techniques, a flat tire in the woods can be a quick fix instead of a long, frustration interruption of your ride. Once you learn the basics of changing a tire, we’ll see who can change a tire the fastest: Fix a flat and mount the tire in the shortest time, and if it holds air, then you’ll win some sweet gear.

Spencer Peterson leads dual-sport tours for MotoVermont and has years of experience changing tires and making other impromptu repairs far off the beaten path, both on his personal adventures and while guiding other riders.

Friday 8:30PM

The DirtDaze Rider Center is located on site, next to the DirtDaze vendor village and saloon.