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2 SCHOOLS.  2 PROGRAMS. 1 Rally.

We are proud to host two of the best rider training programs in the U.S.:


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Presented by D.A.R.T and SheADV, instructors Ben Dragoo and Shalmarie Wilson will lead Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 training Th, Fr, Sa and Su.

Limited Availability.  Classes are 9am-3pm.  Max class size capped at only ~6 people per instructor. The bulk of the class will take place within our special teaching corrals onsite:

  1. Level 1 Introductory Bike Training – Thursday 9-3 or Saturday 9-12
  2. Level 2 Intermediate Bike Training – Friday 9-3 or Saturday 1-4pm
  3. Level 3 Advanced Bike Training – Sunday 9-12

“What’s the difference between the Introductory and Intermediate classes?”

  • The Introductory class is naturally geared toward a newer rider, interested in learning the basics of riding off-road, balancing and traction control.
  • The Intermediate delves much deeper into those core competencies and includes some training on surfaces that are more challenging than the intro class. In a nutshell, unless you’re a new-ish rider (less than 2 years adv experience), consider the Intermediate class.
  • The Saturday 1/2 sessions naturally cover less material, but are excellent options for those here for a short time.
  • The Advanced class will offer training in more difficult terrain/situations and will include riding competition skill building.

Space is very limited.

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SheADV lead instructor Shalmarie Wilson directs the optional Woman’s Program training, with the help of several female assistant instructors.

The program (described here in detail) offers a comfortable place for women to network with other female ADV riders while growing skills and having fun adventuring together.

The optional course training includes two choices (many choose both), both of which span 9am-3pm:

  • Full-day Level 1 course training on Wednesday
  • Full-day Level 2 course training on Thursday


Space is very limited.


*You must have a valid DirtDAZE wristband & sign the release form to participate in D.A.R.T Training.

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