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2023 Has New Rides and Updated Routes, (and a few 1/2 day rides)!!




All Types: We welcome all types of riders and skill sets.  We offer EASY rides (scenic hard pack dirt roads) and HARD rides (requiring advanced riding skills and knobby tires).  You choose.

Guided Rides:  All of guided rides are scenic and fun, and take you to a fun lunch destination (lunch included).  We ride in small-ish groups, leaving not-too-early, and getting back not-too-late.

Unguided Rides:  Included in your TTDD pass are 1/2 day “Follow Me” Rides and unguided routes (GPX files available).  These are approx 2 hour rides with no included lunch, and are great for a short, fun ride.  The Follow Me rides have a ride ambassador that you’ll follow (no mid or sweep), and are a more informal ride than our full-on guided rides.  They have limited availability and you’ll sign up for them a day in advance, onsite.


HERE:  Covering the points of the compass: N, E, SE, SW, W & NW, our rides are 100 to 200+ miles long, with skill levels from Easy to Advanced. The routes were laid out for ADV bikes; some for 50-50 tires, others for knobbies.

THE TEAM:  We’re fortunate to have 2 of the NEBDR creators (Eric Milano of MotoVermont, Victoria Zandonella) along with other local legends, Jesse Pacht, Bill Luth and Fred of D.A.R.C.  They’ve mapped out 5 outstanding guided rides.

WHAT BIKES:  All sizes of street legal bikes are welcomed, but generally, Touratech DirtDAZE is geared for 650+ sized bikes.  No bikes under 200cc please.

WHAT RIDERS:  We have green (easy), blue (medium) and black (hard) routes, so you can choose a route to meet your needs.  Most (not all) routes could be ridden 2-up, based on weather & rider skill

LUNCH:  Delicious lunches are included: interesting sandwiches, unique lunch pies or a sumptuous buffet. Please understand that with the current economic changes, some details may have to be adjusted but we will advise any changes.

RIDER’S MEETING: varies according to the specific ride: Bailey Hazen @ 7:45, Mud Sweat & Gears @ 7:45, Big Adventure @ 7:55, Keys To The Kingdom @ 8:05, Twin State Twister @ 8:20, Lakes Region @ 8:30, Green Mtn Grinder @ 8:40, Sampler @ 9:00.   

TIRES: Below, we list suggestions like 50/50 but realize that rider skill and weather are the largest variables.

PAVEMENT/DIRT: Below, we list the estimated % of saddle time on each surface.

NOISE: If your bike is loud, then TTDD may not be for you.  We will ride in lots of beautiful countryside, past neighbors who either live off the grid (to get away from noise) and/or may have livestock and horses. And annoyed neighbors can shut down access to some of the best gnarly roads. Surprisingly easily. It’s a gorgeous location with many excellent dirt roads and we’d like to be welcomed again next year. So, for the sake of maintaining access and friendly relations, we need you to either quiet your bike, or we can refund your entry fee if you’re unable to quiet it.

IMPORTANT:  Despite our best attempts to describe the routes, difficulty, terrain, etc, there are ALWAYS unexpected circumstances, and only YOU can determine if/what you should ride:

  • You can always opt NOT to ride any/all sections.
  • Don’t over estimate your abilities and never ride beyond your ability and comfort zone.  Never “rush” to stay with a rider or guide in front of you. 
  • You know that riding is risky, conditions can change for the worse, and that you assume all the risk.


Dirt Road in the woods


Distance: approx 145 miles Tires: 90/10 Pavement/Dirt %: 35/65
Difficulty: Easy Return Time: 4:00pm
*Passenger friendly ride

A big bike friendly scenic scenic ride.  Designed by Mike Rizzo, TTDD guide and local expert.

A relaxing backroads ride through New Hampshire and Vermont’s backcountry. This big bike and two-up friendly adventure is a mix of scenic dirt country roads and twisty pavement. The route winds its way along the Connecticut River Valley past the iconic Dartmouth Skiway to a rest stop at Cardigan Mountain State Park. From there it heads through the Upper Valley and crosses into Vermont. You’ll enjoy some great off-the-beaten-path Vermont scenic twisty roads, taking you past pastoral scenes and mountain vistas.  The route twists through the Green Mountain State, then back in to New Hampshire.

Lunch will at a great lakeside family-run restaurant that has a distinct seaside/seafood vibe and good food.  

Weather and conditions permitting, this is an EASY ride, 2-up OK, approx. 130 miles, 35% dirt,  65% paved 


a Women Riders at DirtDaze Ride

Distance: approx 120 miles Tires: 50/50 Pavement/Dirt %: 30/70
Difficulty: Easy/Intermediate Return Time: 3:30pm

A friendly and fun easy-intermediate route covering both VT and NH terrain featuring an all-female guide team.

The Sampler has two short, but manageable, challenge sections in the morning portion of the ride. Heading NW into Vermont is our first challenge section of the day. From this northern-most point of the tour, we loop SW on a mix of graded gravel and winding paved roads. Then SE on mostly dirt roads through lush Vermont woods headed for Bradford and our last “challenge” opportunity. 

We’ll enjoy a relaxing lunch in Lyme, NH and afterward enjoy a mix of paved and gravel roads to round out the day with an ice cream and fuel stop towards the end of the route prior to heading back to HQ.


Sponsored by Hatchland Farm’s Dairy Delites

Distance: Approx. 185 miles Tires: 90/10 Pavement/Dirt: 50/50
Difficulty: Easy Return Time: 4:00pm
*Passenger friendly ride

A scenic ride on ridge tops, past lakes and villages, and through deep, green valleys along a famous and ancient military road.  Designed by Jesse Pacht, lead guide and local expert.

 Join us for a scenic ride along this famous northern Vermont military road. You’ll ride across ridge tops, past lakes and villages, and through deep, green valleys.

Along the way, your guides will entertain and inform you about the amazing story behind the ancient Bayley-Hazen Military Road. There are plenty of monuments, markers, cemeteries and picture opportunities along this route. Just before lunch, you’ll ride over the Hazen Notch Road winding through Hazen State Forest. If this road could talk…

Lunch will be at a rustic inn and lodge in Montgomery, VT. This easy route is 50/50 paved/dirt roads, suitable for 2-up, 90/10 tires suitable for riding on well maintained dirt and gravel roads. There is one short section of possibly muddy and rocky road that is easily bypassed and one short, loose decline.


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Distance: approx 120 miles Tires: 50/50 Pavement/Dirt: 40/60
Difficulty: Easy/Intermediate    Return Time: 3:00pm
*Passenger friendly ride

A very scenic ride through “On Golden Pond country” totaling about 120 miles of which 60% is unpaved.  Designed by Bill & Dennis, experts in the region.

This year Bill and crew will again lead this scenic ride in the area of “On Golden Pond,” totaling about 120 miles, of which 60 percent is unpaved. We’ll travel along the shores of numerous breathtaking lakes, past roaring brooks and over multiple mountains, taking in part of the majestic White Mountain National Forest including a couple of sections of the NEBDR.

Our delicious lunch will be served in an absolutely unique treehouse setting with choices for all tastes. We will see some interesting historical sites throughout the ride and even have a stop for ice cream while winding our way home,

Tour creators Bill and Dennis have many years of riding in the region and finding the best roads for your adventuring.



Distance: Approx 110 miles Tires: Knobbies Pavement/Dirt: 40/60
Difficulty: Intermediate   Return Time: 3:00 PM

This is a fun intermediate run, with many challenge sections perfectly geared for fun-seeking intermediate riders.  Designed by Jesse P, lead guide and local expert, and Victoria Z, NEBDR codesigner and WRAD cochair.

This tour showcases some of the best mixed terrain that Vermont has to offer. Expect rocks, mud, hills, and general fun in the woods (worse more fun if it rains). Knobbies are a must. If you are PROFICIENT off-road, this will be fun on a big bike.
It’s a medium-length ride that packs a lot into a ride that gets you back to TTDD “earlyish” (by approx 3pm). You’ll find yourself on great dirt roads that are new to TTDD, some necessary pavement, and it features 4+ challenge sections that had us smiling in our helmets. (There are workarounds for all of them). It’s a solid intermediate ride (not too nutso, while not a good choice for those not-yet solid dirt riders).
The lunch stop is a fun locals restaurant, offering a great eats.


Distance: About 195 miles Tires: 50/50 Pavement/Dirt: 30/70
Difficulty: Easy/Intermediate   Return Time: 5:00 PM
*Passengers are OK, although there is one short optional challenge section for the knobby-clad

This run toward the Canadian border includes loooong stretches of dirt, great scenery and a few intermediate challenges, the most difficult of which has a bypass. Designed by Hampster creator and NEBDR co-author, Andrew Phillips.

This has a wonderful lunch stop, and the afternoon route is stunning. The morning segment includes a few sections on Vermont class 4 roads as well as a great 20 mile riverside double-track through forest land. Lunch will be at a favorite restaurant in the area, which offers varied options on the menu. The journey back to base camp has been significantly revised to include even more dirt roads and interesting sites.

The ride will be roughly 100 miles both before and after lunch. Total of about 200 miles for the day. A few class 4 roads will provide some challenge along the way for the larger adventure bikes. Go-around options are available at the rider’s discretion. The ride last year was very well reviewed, and the improvements for this year should make it even better. It’s a classic big-bike ride in Northern Vermont. The roads, scenery, and terrain are simply delightful for motorcyclists in this part of the world.


Distance: approx 165 miles Tires: Knobbies Pavement/Dirt: Knobbies (30/70)
Difficulty: Medium/Hard      Return Time: 4:00pm
*NOT a Passenger friendly ride

The Keys To The Kingdom (aka The Northeast Kindgom Tour) is is a butt-kicker, on lots of challenging dirt, and is recommended for less-than 800cc bikes with knobbies.​  Riders should be ready to ride rocky, muddy trails – some with moderate inclines and descents – into the Northeast Kingdom, the most sparsely populated region of Vermont.  Designed by Eric Milano of MotoVermont.

The National Geographic Society listed the Northeast Kingdom (NEK) as “the most desirable place to visit in the USA!” ​  ​With 2000 sq miles of mountainous wilderness it’s a treat to the eye and also makes for great ADV riding​.  No one knows the NEK better than this tour’s lead guide, Eric Milano (of the authors of the NEBDR).​ ​Eric and his expert team will lead this unforgettable ride.

Lunch (provided) will be at a private farm who will cook you a homemade summer picnic meal.  It’s a great experience and you’ll love it.

A word to the wise:  Riders should be intermediate or above and have bikes with full knobby tires (TKC80, D606, etc.).  800cc and below recommended.   If you’re on anything larger, you should consider yourself an expert rider.  This ride is NOT 2-up friendly.

Here’s your chance for a unique, exciting ride. Don’t miss it!​

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Distance: approx 150 miles Tires: Knobbies
Pavement/Dirt: 22% off-road, 60% dirt roads, 18% paved roads
Difficulty: ADVANCED    Return Time: 4:00pm if nobody does sumpin’ stooopid

This is our most advanced ride.  If you’re not comfortable with advanced single track, then this is not the ride for you.  (This tour replaces Let’s Get Dirty, on which people couldn’t advance beyond the first hill climb, so take this seriously)   Designed by Fred Scott, Eric Dole and the D.A.R.C. team.

There are 20+ off-road sections totaling over 30 miles. This 85% dirt route will keep you on the pegs; so we discourage hard panniers, soft passengers, and any tires other than knobbies.

Among the difficult sections, you’ll ride long two-track Jeep roads under tree-shaded canopies, some on a leafy bed, some with rocky ledge hill-climbs (how’s your suspension?) and some mud, depending on recent weather. Your much-needed lunch break will be at an air conditioned, restaurant serving some hearty food.

It’s for solo riders on ADV bikes and led by experienced riders. Bring your …A… game!


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