Riding Games & Contests


Riding Contest – He/She who rides this the slowest wins a rather expensive prize.

Thursday & Friday at 5pm

Fugly Bike Contest – If your two-wheeled buddy is the muddiest, most scraped up (loved), or oddly farkled bike, then THIS is your time to shine.The winner receives bragging rights, a t-shirt and global fame (on the DirtDAZE website). Who selects the winner? Fellow riders. How do you vote? With beer caps of course.

Friday at 6pm

Flat Tire Fiasco – Who can change a tire the fastest (and have it hold air)?? First, you’ll learn the basics of changing a tire out on the trail – an essential skill for every adventure motorcyclists. Then, compete to fix a flat and mount the tire in the shortest time and win some sweet gear….if your tire holds air!

Saturday at 8pm