Riding Games & Contests



How well do you do when the pressure is on?! Now is your chance to find out and win some cash!

2-up Slow Ride! Find a passenger to hang on tight and make your way as slow as you can to the finish line and take home the win! Thursday 5pm

Water Cup Challenge! Make your way through the course while holding a cup of water in one hand and steering with the other.  Whoever makes it to the end with the most water left in their cup wins! Friday 5pm

 Solo Slow Ride! How slowly can you ride? We set up a special straight-line course, where “racers” compete head-to-head, with the slowest time winning. Saturday 5:30pm


Zega Evo Pit Stop Challenge!

Touratech will be the judge of this contest to see who can remove and put back on their new Zega bags the fastest!

Saturday: 5pm – 5:30pm

Mtn Ride.jpg ZZZZ