Day Time Title Seminar Description Presenter Company Name Location
WEDNESDAY 6-6:45 pm Kick Off Celebration Thayer Stage
WEDNESDAY 7 – 8 pm Riding through the Decades: Inspiration for women starting later in life! Starting at 58 years of age, Muriel got a late start in riding but has since clocked almost 400,000 miles on her BMW ADV motorcycles. Now at 78, she’s still adventuring near and far and is active in many motorcycle related clubs/organizations to promote the sport. Muriel’s example stands out and offers a great perspective for attaining longevity on two wheels. She will share her experiences along the roads/trails and how she stays fit and active in the sport. ​Muriel Farrington Presidents Commercial Building
WEDNESDAY 8:00 PM Volunteer Meeting Volunteer Meeting-Ride Gide Meeting to follow Presidents Commercial Building
THURSDAY 4pm-5pm Group Riding and Etiquette on the Trail: Making Sure We’re Welcome plus Staying Safe Out in the Dirt Dual Sport and Adventure Riding is an edge sport. That’s part of the charm! We can push our limits while also employing strategies and mindsets to avoid getting hurt and giving all of us a good rep with the public. Sue Slate Women’s Motorcyclist Foundation Presidents Commercial Building
THURSDAY 6 pm-7 pm You Got This: A Women’s Guide to Adventure Travel Dawn will review how to fully prepare for a motorcycle adventure – both the psychological aspects as well as physical preparations of person and machine. She will offer tips and tricks to be prepared for a fun and enjoyable journey, sharing her experiences and learnings she’s garnered along the way. ​ Dawn Hein Presidents Commercial Building
THURSDAY 7 pm- 8 pm GPS, GPX and Track Management Bring your Garmin device to our interactive presentation on best practices for following provided routes and tracks. Presented by Rob Nye, this seminar will address issues such as why the map doesn’t move when following a track, assigning colors and other suggestions on how to set up your GPS for a great day in the woods. This seminar was developed in response to Rob’s experiences helping users load .GPX files at events such as the Berkshire Big Adventure, the GS Giants GO BIG rally and more. To get the most from this seminar please download the NorthEast Back Road Discovery Route into your GPS or arrive 30 minutes before the start of this seminar. Rob Nye Presidents Commercial Building
Thursday 8pm-9pm So Your Partner Wants to Ride? Jesse & Tara Pracht will discuss how to go about bringing your partner into riding.
Highlights: How to broach the subject with your partner who rides (from the perspective of the new rider)
Negotiating how to be constructive and supportive rather than critical and demeaning
Bikes and gear choice – the choices are endless
Training – are you already licensed or are we starting from scratch?
Are you going around the block or around the world?
Jesse & Tara Pacht Jesse and Tara are DirtDaze Coordinators and TTDD Ride Ambassadors President’s Commercial
FRIDAY 4 pm – 5 pm Treating Medical Emergencies on the Trail Given that emergency healthcare is likely not nearby, your intervention can save a life. Learn the important steps and basics of emergency medical response in order to treat and stabilize an injured rider from Scott Wakeman, SOLO Instructor and Wilderness EMT. Scott Wakeman Presidents Commercial Building
FRIDAY 5-6:30pm Trailside Maintenance, Tools and the Tclock Kate is an avid road and ADV rider who has also spent time as a professional moto mechanic. Known to locals as the female McGyver of the northeast ADV world, Kate will review how to get to know your machine and prepare it for ADV travel. She’ll also go over what tools/implements to bring along for the inevitable trailside fixes you may encounter along the way. Kate will offer up several innovative tips/tricks to make your ADV experience the best it can be. Kate Murphy Presidents Commercial Building
Friday 6:30-7 pm Do You Want to Get into the Backcountry Shalmarie Wilson, BDR Ambassador and project manager for SheADV, will be presenting information on the Backcountry Discovery Routes. Shal has ridden 7 out of the 10 routes and has logged well over 8,000 miles on the BDRs. In 2015, she was the first known rider to set the record for riding the most back-to-back BDRs, which included the AZ, CO, WA, ID and NM. Shal is an off-road instructor and tour guide and can give you tips and tricks to be successful in the backcountry. Shalmarie Wilson Presidents Commercial Building
*Door Prizes
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Adventure to the  Yucatan Peninsula with Ko’ox Moto Jesse Short, owner of Ko’oX Moto, will talk about the layered, rich culture of the Yucatan peninsula including some history of the Maya, why cenotes exist, and more. He will also discuss how we got our tour business started and why we think riding DR650s in Yucatan and Chiapas is such an adventure! Jesse Short Ko’oX Moto Presidents Commercial Building
SATURDAY-8/21 4:00 PM Le Québec en mode Aventure (Québec On Adventure mode!) Join Marc Chartand for a presentation of the all-new Trans-Quebec Trail, a 3500-mile adventure loop in Canada’s largest province that will take you through its smaller towns and rugged wilderness, all the way from the western region of Abitibi to the easternmost point of the Gaspé peninsula. This adventure route will have an app, with offline maps to help you along the way! Marc Chartrand Trans Canada Trail Presidents Commercial Building
SATURDAY 7 pm – 8 pm Gearing Up for Adventure DirtDaze is very excited to have Amelia and Jenna aboard from the REV’IT! Women’s Team to review ADV riding gear options, showcasing both protection levels as well as comfort in varying conditions. They will also speak about their experience on the REV’IT! Women’s Team and how REV’IT! is working to actively promote women in the sport. ​REV’IT Woman Riders (Amelia and Jenna) REV’IT Presidents Commercial Building


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