Special Events

ALL WEEK LONG – THE DIRTDAZE OBSTACLE COURSES – The Ultimate Two Wheeled Playground. Someone gave us a bulldozer and lots of time…

WHAT:  New Obstacle Courses: We have three, fantastic slow-speed playgrounds for you to ride, one at a time. Each one has easy and difficult routes, perfect for virtually any rider’s skill level. The course will be suited for those on mid to large displacement adventure bikes, with log crossings, sand, berms, tabletops, steps, alligators, and water crossings.

  • Course #1 is flat and offers challenges from beginner to advanced.
  • Course #2 is a sloping, undulating course suited for intermediate +.
  • Course #3 is a short, tight single track loop suited for more advanced adv bike riders (buddy system in effect for this short loop).

Access will be limited to registered attendees. Speed isn’t needed. Skill is.

Roughly every hour from 10am until 6pm Wednesday – Saturday, we rotate which course is open. At 4pm, we open two courses at a time, and we’re encouraging most riders to ride then. With more riders on the course, it’s more fun for everyone – cheering crowds, applause, etc.


100 Yard (Slow) Dash
He/She who rides this the slowest wins a rather expensive prize.

Wednesday 6/6 at 5:00pm


BECOME A BETTER SAND RIDER – Dragoo Adventure Rider Training 

The DART crew will offer a free sand riding clinic at DirtDaze in the sand arena.  DartRidingSchoolIt’s included in your DirtDaze pass and is an excellent opportunity to improve your sand riding skills.  It’s an informal, informative and fun clinic, followed by a maddening sand riding test.

Following a free sand riding clinic by our chief RidingSchoolguides (open to any registered attendee), you’ll be invited to ride a sand course.

Thou Shall Not Dab, otherwise you’ll be eliminated.  Winner gets some gear!

Thursday 6/7 at 5:00pm

Adventure Bike Presentation, from the Honda Factory
The Honda Factory Reps are coming to DirtDaze with most of their adventure bike line up, including POSSIBLY the brand spanking new Africa Twin Adventure Sports! This will be a fun and rare opportunity to talk directly with the Honda Factory about their lineup.

Want to ride them? The whole demo fleet is available all to all registered DirtDaze attendees, just down the road.

Thursday 6/7 at 7:30pm


ADVMoto Magazine Movie Night!
On Thursday night at 7:30pm, on a huge screen, ADVMoto Magazine will present Back Country Discovery Route’s (BDR) latest film featuring the East Coast! The “Mid Atlantic Back Road Discovery” (MABDR) film features 1080 miles of dirt, gravel and paved adventure bike routes from southern Virginia to northern Pennsylvania. Kick back, have a drink and enjoy the movie, thanks to ADVMoto!

Backcountry Discovery Routes is a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization whose mission is to establish and preserve off-highway routes for dual-sport and adventure motorcycles. Through education, advocacy, and promotion of responsible motorcycle travel, BDR seeks to preserve backcountry motorcycling opportunities for generations to come. Come to the Movie Night at Dirt Daze and find out more!


Thursday 6/7 at 7:30pm



Fix a Flat Fiasco, Tire Changing Clinic!

You’ll learn the basics of changing a tire and see who can change a tire the fastest. Fix a flat and mount the tire in the shortest time and win some sweet gear….if your tire holds air!

Friday 6/8 at 8:30PM


The Ultimate Rider Rodeo!
ALL NEW: This is something you’ll only see at DirtDaze. We’ll have a fine selection of decorated riding legends on hand representing various riding styles on the property, including a world record/world champion/XGames gold medal winner. Shouldn’t we find some reason to pit them against each other? Hell yes!

In the main obstacle course (including some “insurmountable obstacles”) we’re going to turn these guys loose and put on a unique riding demonstration: They’ll be hooked up to wireless mics, and each will size up the various knarly obstacles facing them while narrating to us their thoughts on solving the riding obstacles.

And, they’ll grab a few “volunteers” to hop on their bikes and join the fun.

It’s a rare opportunity to get inside the mind of pro riders as they show off to an audience, riding over things we wouldn’t dare touch. You’ll learn, laugh and cringe.

Saturday 6/9 at 5:00pm

Most Loved Bike Contest 
If your two-wheeled buddy is the muddiest, most scraped up (loved), or oddly farkled bike, then THIS is your time to shine.The winner receives bragging rights, a t-shirt and global fame (on the DirtDaze website). Who selects the winner? Fellow riders. How do you vote? With beer caps of course.

Saturday 6/9 at 5:30pm